Welcome to Shamrock Lodge No. 101 Athlone.

Lodge 101 was warranted in 1739, so the Lodge will shortly be celebrating its 275 anniversary.

So what was it like in 1739?
Athlone at the time was an important military station and because of its importance as a crossing point over the River Shannon, it had always held an important strategic position and had played its part in every major invasion of Ireland.

So the town was garrisoned by an ever changing population of English soldiers from the regiments of the time.  But it was also a thriving market town, with many successful businesses including, 2 flour mills, 2 distilleries, 2 breweries and tanneries, soap, candle and cotton mills. 

Locally in Ireland, a poor summer ( 1739 ) was followed by a shockingly cold winter, and it is reported that a hurling match was held on the frozen River Shannon. In the spring of 1740 the potato, on which the local population had become increasingly dependant as the main part of their diet froze in the fields, this led to unprecedented hardship. Followed by the death from starvation and related diseases to some 400,000 people within Ireland, or 10% of the population.
So lodge 101 was warranted into a difficult time where its membership was probably drawn from the local land owners, businessmen and of course from the regiments stationed in the town.

Lodge 101 was one of the original members of the Provincial Grand lodge of South Connaught when it was formed in 1868. And remains a stalwart supporter to this date.

For the last 100 years the Lodge has met at the Masonic Hall, 9 Northgate Street, Athlone on the:

3rd Tuesday in January, 1st Tuesday in April, 1st Tuesday in October and 1st Tuesday in November at 8.00 pm..

The other two Lodges - Sussex Lodge No. 137 and Roscommon Lodge No. 248 meet on the first Tuesdays of the other months with the exception of June, July and August.

There is also a Royal Arch Chapter - Athlone No. 101 attached to the Lodge and a High Knight Templars Preceptory who both meet at the Masonic Hall in Athlone.